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Do I need a rewire?

Rewiring your home is one of the most difficult and disruptive maintenance works that a homeowner can undertake. It is a major project with works carried out in pretty much every corner of every room.

A typical domestic electrical system is powered by cables usually plastered in the brick walls, run in between stud walls and laid under floor boards. A typical lifespan of a domestic electrical installation is 25 years and its recommended that they are tested and inspected every 5 years for a rental property and 10 years for a privately owned property. 

There are many deciding factors involved in the process of the rewire, factors such as, Is the property occupied? Is the property undergoing a full renovation? Is the work getting completed in one or multiple phases? Is the property empty or full of furniture? Will other tradesmen working in the property at the same time? Who will be the end user of the property?